Maths Fundamentals In Academics

Maths Fundamentals In Academics

Mathematics is the subject which is being studied since the beginning of modernization. Because almost every principle in this universe can be explained using mathematics, it has turned into a massive subject consisting of numerous concepts which can help you solve problems seen in practical life. These mathematical concepts are taught to us in every grade and our level of understanding also increases gradually. Some of the concepts are given below.

Equal To & Equations

We have seen the equal to sign (=) in maths all the time and we should know that it has a greater significance. An equal to sign in the middle of a maths statement makes that an equation. Equations are part of every expression in mathematics


The number line represents all types of numbers. It is more convenient in that way. The fractional part exists between 1 and 0 in which rational numbers and irrational numbers are also a part. All sorts of odd numbers and even numbers along with natural and whole numbers can be found in this line.

Functions & Graphs

The reason behind the usage of the graph is for bringing a clear and graphical representation of data in geometry as well as algebra and allows you to form solutions of equations which consists of geometric shapes, etc. Functions are a mechanism by which you will be getting values in return depending on the nature of the function.

Pi & Zero

The ratio of the diameter of a circle and its circumference is termed as Pi which was a very important invention along with zero. Zero is used to represent nothingness.

Use of Sets

To define numbers and operations such as subtraction and addition, sets are used. Generally, sets are used to cluster and organize some data and which indeed will be easy to solve systematically. This concept can also be used in permutation and combination where objects from a set are to be selected to form subsets. And when the order of selection is a factor, then it is termed as permutation and similarly,combination is when the order is not a factor.


A geometrical figure has a certain formula specifically to find its areas such as the area of a parallelogram, rhombus or a trapezium. Knowing how to find area will be useful in the calculation of complex data.

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